MechanicAdvisor comes with many email, sms, and postcards in the system ready for you to use. This will show you how to look at the templates you have and edit them. 

First, make sure you are logged in to your MechanicAdvisor Shop Manager. 

  1. From the menu on the left, select the "CAMPAIGNS" tab. 
  2. On the top underneath "CAMPAIGNS", select the "Notifications" tab. 
  3. Here you will see a list of the templates you already have set up. You can view them by clicking on them, and enable/disable them by selecting the check box. 
  4. To view or edit a template, click on the menu all the way to the right of the name. Select "Edit" or "View"
  5. After you make the changes, click "Submit" at the bottom. 
  6. To view your updated notification template, select the template after saving, and click "View"

If this did not help, or if you have further questions, please reach out to us.

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