To set up a custom campaign, first make sure you are logged in to your MechanicAdvisor Shop Manager. 

  1. Click the "CAMPAIGNS" tab from the menu on the left. 
  2. There will be three columns in front of you: "New Customers", "Repeat Customers", and "Custom Campaigns". Click on "+ CUSTOM CAMPAIGN" button. From the dropdown, select "Create your Own".
  3.  Select Email, Postcard, or SMS.
  4. Select a template from the list provided, or upload your own. You can edit the template after you select it. Make sure to save the name of your template. 
  5. Next, select what type of customer list you would like. "Dynamic" allows you to filter customers from your database based on criteria you choose. "Static" allows you to pick either individual customers, or select the entire list. Name your customer list. 
  6. The last step is to name the campaign, and set up when you are sending it. At the bottom, you can individually select customers who might not want to receive it. You can also select the "Send Test Email" button on the right, before you send it. 
  7. Click "START CAMPAIGN" at the bottom. 
  8. To check on the campaign, navigate back to the campaign tab and look underneath "Custom Campaigns"

If this did not help, or if you have further questions, please reach out to us. 

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