Our latest release includes the following new features;

1. Past due service reminders now include vehicle details. We have also added detailed service graphs within past due service reminder emails.

2. We have added the ability to send text messages using your own business phone number and made improvements to the text messaging page. Contact our sales team for details on how to use your business phone number.

Better vehicle identification with VIN decoding technologies. We have significantly reduced the number of vehicles unknown.

4. Shops with multiple reviews can now have a half star rating (e.g. 3.5 star rating) and reviews are rounded to nearest value (e.g. 4.9 stars is shown as 5 stars)

5. 'Company Name' is now recognized in cases where the shop management system has no 'Customer Name', but a value is present in the company name field. In these cases the company name will be used as the customers name. Additional features will be added in the near future for further supporting company name within our system. 

6. We have made improvements to the Mechanic Advisor homepage and have added a new pricing page.

7. General performance improvements were made and bug fixes.


  • Direct integrations with Protractor and Shopware shop management systems
  • Improved reporting and analytics
  • A redesign of the campaign manager; added simplicity, better reporting and improved usability
  • Customer vehicle enhancements; declined services, OEM recommendations, better support for fleets and improved usability.
  • Added PID support for the Mechanic Advisor Connection Key; fuel trim, 02 sensors and much more.
  • Review tracking for Facebook and a review widget for shop websites.
  • New iOS and Android apps
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